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Fix: Error Printing Message on Windows 10

One big issue that arises with an upgrade to windows 10 from other versions is the incompatibility of devices. You will notice that some of your devices don’ t function normally, including your graphics, network devices and disk drives among others. For some users, it can even affect the printing service. Printing is a very basic use on your computer, and everyone desires that it works all the time. However, some people have been getting an error that says“ Error Printing” when trying to print from their Windows 10 computer. This error is not accompanied by any message and can also be seen on the printer queue.

The printing procedure is more extensive than you think and it requires several components. For one, the printing and spooling service must be running in order to successfully print your documents. When you invoke your printer, the task calls the printing spool service which then adds your document to the printer queue. The selected printer will then pick up your task and complete the print on a paper. The informasi to print is sent via a USB, Wi- Fi or other cables depending on the printer you are using.

A lot of things can go wrong in between the process. In this article, we will explore the reasons why your printer would return the error“ Error Printing.” Solutions will be given based on these reasons.

As we have said, the error can be anywhere within the printing processes. Here are a few reasons that can lead to the printing error.

It might be possible that your‘ Printer Spool’ service choked on bad informasi and terminated, stop running correctly, or it failed to start entirely( this is the case in safe fashion). Corrupt informasi in the spool/ printing tray might be causing this service to stop.

The other most probable reason for the printing error is the connection between your computer and the printer. If you are sure that the transmission cable is working okay( tested the printer on another computer), then the problem might be the drivers. This can be the printer drivers or the USB port drivers. The communication between the computer and printer is therefore scrambled. This usually happens when you have upgraded to windows 10 from previous versions. Sometimes the drivers from previous versions are not always compatible with windows 10.

Method 1: Pembaharuan your USB drivers

If your printer is functional in another computer, then your USB drivers are likely to be the problem. To pembaharuan your drivers:

Press the Windows logo key+ R to open the Run diskusi box.

Type devmgmt. msc in the Run diskusi box, then press Enter. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Allow

In Device Manager, expand Umum Serial Bis Controllers

Find your USB port driver( usually with the name chipset and/ or controller). Ignore the drivers with names like mass storage, generic USB etc.

Right click on your USB controller driver and click on pembaharuan driver software

On the next window that appears, choose the‘ Search automatically for updated drivers’( connect to the internet for the latest version of the drivers).

Let the process complete and click OK

If you have a USB 3. 0, find your drivers online and install them. For ASUS users, you can find the Fresco USB3. 0 driver( version V3. 0. 108. 16 or newer) here. Install your drivers and restart your Komputer.

If your USB 3. 0 port( blue) still shows this error, you can try the USB 2. 0 ports( black).

Method 2: Restart the printer spool service and clear printing tasks

Press Windows/ Start Key+ R to open the Run window

Type“ services. msc” at the prompt which will open the Services window

Scroll down the alphabetical list in the right window pane until you come to the entry with the name“ Print Spooler“

Right- click this entry, then select“ stop”. This will stop the computer running the process that holds your print queues.

Leaving that window open for now, click again on“ Start”, and then click“ My Computer” to open a Windows Explorer window.

We’ ve stopped the queue service, now we just have to clear the jam that is already there. To do this we navigate to the print spool folder which is hiding within the Windows folders. Usually Windows is installed on local disk C: drive.

The usual path to the spool folder is C: WINDOWSsystem32spoolPRINTERS, but yours may be slightly different. Windows may warn you that you are about to view system files, but click“ View files anyway.

Delete every file within this folder to empty the jammed print queue pressing the“ ctrl” and“ a” keys will select all files and then you can just hit“ delete”). Close the explorer window now that we have emptied the cleared spool files, and return to your Services window.

We must re- start the Print spool service, and do so by right- clicking the Print Spool entry and selecting“ Start” from the list. Close the services window and try printing again

Method 3: Troubleshoot your printer using these manual procedures

If you are not sure what is causing the problem, you can follow these steps.

Step 1: Use the troubleshooter to find the problem

This will restart your printer and drivers and check for any errors. Your printer must be connected during this procedure.

Press the Windows logo key+ R to open the Run diskusi box.

Type control in the Run diskusi box, then press Enter.

In the Search box in Control Panel, type troubleshooter, and then click Troubleshooting.

Under the Hardware and Sound item, click use a printer. If you are prompted to enter an administrator password or provide confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

Press Next and let the troubleshooter scan for problems. Fix all emerging problems.

Step 2: Clear your printer queue using method 2 above

Step 3: Switch off and restart the printer

Sometimes this is all that’ s needed to solve this. If there are any jobs in the queue that can’ t be shifted, a restart should flush these out. Switch off your printer, unplug it from the Komputer, plug it back in and power it on. Now try and print. More often than not, this should resolve the problem. You can also restart your computer for good measure.

Step 4: Check the paper tray

Check the paper in your printer. It might be having trouble picking up the paper in your input tray, especially if you have an all- in- one printer and can still use its other functions.

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What is Integrative Health?

Integrative health is a healing-oriented approach to care that focuses on the whole person, and considers all factors that influence health, wellness and disease including mind, body, spirit and the environment. It reaffirms the importance of the therapeutic relationship between practitioner and patient, and uses all evidence-based, safe and effective therapies to improve health and wellbeing and facilitate the body’s innate healing response, whether they originate in conventional or alternative medicine. It emphasizes the importance of prevention and healthy lifestyle practices, with a focus on teaching and empowering patients with the core principles of self-care and wellness.

Why is Integrative Health Important?

Integrative Health Contributes to Disease Prevention
There is a growing body of evidence-based research looking at the benefits of various components of Integrative Health care for a variety of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, obesity and chronic pain. For example, studies have shown that selective herbals, supplements, and nutritional therapies may improve diabetic control, weight and cholesterol levels, Acupuncture improves a wide spectrum of acute and chronic pain,  and mind-body therapies appear to have beneficial effects on a wide variety of health problems such as anxiety, irritable bowel, insomnia and pain.

Integrative Health Promotes Mental Health and Well-being
Integrative health, through patient empowerment, self-care, non-invasive treatments can positively contribute to improved social functioning, quality of life, stress reduction, improved mental health status and increased individual and family resilience.

Integrative Health Reduces Health Care Costs
In addition to the positive medical, emotional and social outcomes of Integrative Health, several studies have demonstrated the cost savings with the use of Integrative Health care practices.
  • Acupuncture can reduce the need for knee surgery with savings of $9,000 per patient. Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) can reduce days in hospital or nursing home following stroke at a savings of $26,000 per patient and postpone heart surgery due to clinical improvements, resulting in return to work at a total savings of $31,000. (Data from Acupuncture Center, Klampenborg, Denmark) 
  • Manipulative therapies for neck pain were as effective as and less costly than physical therapy or care by a general practitioner.



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3D Printing Service

We have an extensive 3D printing directory full of 3D printing service businesses. This list contains a wide range of 3D printing services, additive manufacturing providers, and more across the globe.
3D Printing Service

Among the well-known 3D printing service providers are Shapeways, Sculpteo, and i.materialise. These services have 3D printers using various 3D printing technologies such as Stereolithography, Fused Deposition Modeling, Selective Laser Sintering, Powder Binding, and Electron Beam Melting.
Once you have uploaded your 3D file (usually an STL file) you then can choose your material (out of plastics, metals, and even ceramics). You can then choose your desired finish, before being given a quote. In just a few days, you will then receive your 3D printed model.

These providers also offer 3D designers the possibility to publish their creations directly on the site. Interested customers can then order the models that will be printed in 3D by the platform. The designer will receive in exchange a commission on the sale.
Specialized providers

Services can range from fixing and installing 3D printers to rapid prototyping services. Rapid prototyping services can create custom parts based on CAD models and deliver them to you.

You can see the full listing of 3D printing services below. If you would like to view a list of 3D printing companies in the USA, UK, Canada, click each of the links.